Healthy Life With Cannabis

Over the years, Jim Alpine has always had trouble focusing his mind, both in class and outside school or campus. If you don’t have a test, this doesn’t matter to Jim. But while on an exam, this is a problem for Jim.

To help focus on learning, Jim, now 46 years old, has a recipe. He always smokes marijuana before learning. “My mind always goes everywhere. I have to slow it down,” Jim said, to The Star, a few days ago.

Now, after getting older, having children and managing a fitness center business, Jim is not necessarily far from marijuana or cannabis. Every day at least Jim sucks marijuana twice. And Jim never hid his habit. Even now marijuana is in the business field. In various countries, marijuana is now legalized. Thus, more and more cannabis producers are licensed as licensed producers Canada.

A year ago, he organized a 5,000-kilometer race across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, United States. This 420 Games competition is not a “random” running race. More than 500 participants, nearly half of whom ran in half “drifting” conditions because of sucking marijuana. The winner is Chris Barnicle. Participants in the United States Olympic team marathon selection ran in “drifting” conditions and recorded a time of 15 minutes 57 seconds.

Now, with Ricky Williams, a former American football athlete, Jim founded a “friendly” fitness center for cannabis smokers in San Francisco, the Power Plant Fitness. “I think the world is ready to accept it after all the wrong propaganda about marijuana is removed,” Jim said. An odd combination, marijuana and fitness center?

But Jim is no less supportive, one of them is Ross Rebagliati, the 1998 Olympic gold medal winner for ice skiing. Ross is also an activist supporting the legalization of marijuana. According to Ross, marijuana and healthy living can be a combination. “Marijuana can be part of a healthy lifestyle,” Ross assured.