4 Supplements for Better Winter Performance

The winter months means that there will be a lot less sun and, in most places, the conditions can get less than ideal. Therefore, it is important to ensure you maintain and monitor winter health at this time of year. So, with that in mind, here are a few supplements which can help improve your winter performance.

1 – Protein

With a massive effect on athletic performance, it is safe to say that protein supplements are well and truly a normal part of modern day diets. However, they can also help you even if you are less athletically inclined. As not only does it aid in athletic performance, but it can also improve muscle and help you in the process of shedding fat. Therefore, if a healthy weight and performance is important to you over the winter period (despite festive eating habits) then it is important to include this supplement.

2 – Vitamin D

The sun vanishes in the winter months to almost nothing. And you may find that vitamin D deficiency is quite hard to deal with at this time of year, with less support for your calcium and bones. Therefore, adding a vitamin D supplement into your diet at this point of the year is incredibly important.

And, in addition, it can be an extra positive in the fact that it may help to boost your mood during these colder winter months.

3 – Magnesium

Chemical reactions make the body function normally, so it’s no surprise that we need certain elements to make this happen. One such element is that of magnesium. It can help to boost energy, increase bone strength, as well as support nerves and keep blood sugar at optimal levels. With the right high strength magnesium supplement, you can help yourself to manage your bodily functions over this period.

4 – Zinc

Zinc has a good level of benefits for the body in winter, but is often quite an overlooked mineral. It is actually most important during the winter because of its increased support of the immune system. Plenty of people spend time indoors at this point of the year, spreading bugs and causing illness to hit in droves. A zinc supplement can therefore help support your immune system function during this time and add a host of other health benefits!

Additional Supplements

Of course, there are a lot of additional supplements such as EPA fish oil. During the winter, you may find yourself feeling stiff and aching joints. Therefore, it is important to take a supplement with omega 3 in order to improve this feeling and reduce the ache that may otherwise reduce your overall enjoyment of winter.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand your winter health needs and make sure that you keep on top of it throughout these months. If you give yourself the right supplements in this period, then it can easily be managed.